What comes to mind when someone says, “hammock?” Chances are that the picture that rushes to your brain is that of a comfortably shady spot between two trees to which a hammock is attached, sort of . You are slumbering in it, as a gentle breeze rocks you lightly while you continue your blissful snooze. Sounds idyllic does it not? But here is the reality of it all. In most situations, finding two trees spaced perfectly to use as hammock swing stands is unlikely. You have two chances of perfect alignment, slim and none. So people forge ahead and make crazy makeshift adaptations and weird connections to hang the hammock, but most don’t work out as well as they did in their dreams.

The consequences of hanging a hammock improperly may soon become apparent. When you tie the ropes around the trunk, there is a good chance the tree trunk can get damaged by the constant chafing it will endure. That can leave your tree open to contracting a number of diseases that could send your tree to the burn pile. Tree trunks are like human skin. If you damage the covering, the inside is vulnerable to attack from a number of natural diseases and insects. To get more info onĀ  Best hammock swing with stand.

Similar damage can occur if you secure your hammock with threaded hooks screwed deeply into the trunk of the tree. Quite often damage to the core can cause long term effects, none of them good. Sometimes, the metal itself during the course of its chemical breakdown can add toxic elements to the wound with the end result being a dead tree.

Well, so far we have talked about the trees, but have said nothing about the occupant of that gently swaying hammock. Beware! Now we have said it. Suppose the hammock ropes give out after constant chaffing. Down you come, hammock and all. Ouch! You could have seriously injured your back, your spine, or your head. Worst case scenario, you do injure your back, and your spine, AND your head. Similar results could occur when rusted fasteners attached to your trees give out. Also, if your trees were not mature and strong enough to handle the strain, they could collapse with you in the middle. Unlikely you say? Hardly! Incidents like these happen all the time.

So what is the solution to your hammock hanging dilemma? It is quite simple actually. Invest in heavy duty hammock swing stands designed specifically for the purpose. It can be fashioned from tubular steel and easily assembled. You can set it in that perfect shady spot between the trees, or in the sun, or anyplace your heart desires.